zermatt and rock climbing at Rifflehorn

alpenhorn musical group at
Zermatt city center
So we've been in zermatt for couple days, the city is really beautiful but I didn't really feel welcome here for some reason. Dirty looks and the "you're stupid tourist" vibe sorta lingered around wherever we went. Maybe the swiss just like their privacy... who knows... Chamonix somehow felt a lot friendlier and has the " i don't give a shit " attitude which we love.
monte rossa hut and gornergletcher
our view from riffelhorn
Either way, we still tried to enjoy our stay here. The first day and a half, br wasn't feeling really good. I was worried that he would get sick, but he recovered on second day , Such a relief.
We took the train up to Gornergrat station , but got off early at Rotenboden station (I always felt like yelling when i said any german words.. don't ask why ). The plan is to climb Riffelhorn.

attack of br
The rock looked pretty solid although it was super smooth like marble in some area. But riffelhorn apparently is a great area for rock climbing , wish we have more time. We were about 3/4 ways to the summit when we decided to bail. It turned out to be a good decision since 5 minutes after, it started to rain.. then it hailed.. I was glad i have my helmet. That hail hurts! Running down back to the main trail with rock shoes on some snow field was pretty fun.. and cold.. I can say that my rock shoes is shitty and i need a new one ( this might be just my excuse to shop ).
sleepy sheep on hornli hut trail
Anyway , the rain stopped not too long after so we hung around and taking pics ( more like br's taking pics and i sit around napping )

We decided not to climb Matterhorn .. I'm pretty bummed about it, Br didn't seem to be . More like i felt guilty, he could've climb it , but we don't think that my downclimb skill is up for it yet. There will be next time but till, I'm annoyed to my self. There are some late spring snow but didn't seem too bad.
We still went up to Hornli hut where the climb usually starts. The view is amazing and Matterhorn does look intimidating. One day ...
Tomorrow Breithorn climb..
matterhorn watching


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