Back to Geneva where it started

It was raining hard when I woke up , brought cool air to our room. Nice change from the constant hot weather we've been having.

Double decker train

We dragged our heavy luggages up the hill to drop it off at the train station. They have this awesome service where our luggage get sent to where we wanted them to. Br even checked in to his next day flight from the station.Unfortunately only certain airlines allow this and mine ( etihad airline) isn't one of them but I still can sent the luggage straight to the airport. And this means we don't have to carried our luggage up and down different trains this time.


After experiencing many train rides in Switzerland, I had learned couple things :

1. Swiss trains are never late. Right on the dot.. Every time... It is very impressive how many different train to many different destination always linked up nicely, usually with 5-15 mins to move platform

2. I learned to trust that the itinerary is right about which platform my train will be but make sure you sit in the train cars for your ticket class ( or the conductor will get feisty)

Bern busy station

3. Swiss flexy pass rules, as long as you don't make a writing mistakes ( another stinky eyes will be given or $300 fine, your choice).





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