rainy day and hike les bossons

Aiguille les dru -Mer De Glace
rainy day in chamonix

It was raining all day yesterday, gloomy and cloudy . So we just stayed inside most of the time... resting day i supposed. We went out to eat, back to sleep, eat again , sleep again .
At one point in the afternoon, i tried to take time lapse and fighting against br's complicated tripod.
He disagree that it's complicated. I managed to shoot it at last.
Today, the weather is better. So we went on a hike to check out Glacier des Bassons and Glacier de Taconnaz . First we took a bus to Les Bossons then took the chair lift up . From there we walked up to a point where we can view both glacier ( see map )

br with glacier de taconnaz in the background


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It's french style hike this time, we had baguette, Comte cheese ( which i think is good ), and some cherry. Great picnic for sure.

lunch spot between des bossons and taconnaz
Les Bossons cable car up

After 2 hrs hanging out there, we started our descent. Then the unthinkable happened.. 1000 feet below our lunch spot.. I realized that I left my camera there. SIGH ... Felt really stupid and kicking my self from it, I told Br. And he bolted and run up to get it. It was actually his camera which makes it worse if i really lost it. :(
I was waiting and and kept looking at my watch.. To my surprise, 38 minutes after.. Br showed up with the camera. AMAZING!! it took us 1 hr to go up and 20 min to go down before.. I was genuinely impressed. And he didn't even rolled his eyes or upset which i was prepared to received.
We continued down so we could catch the last chair lift . Made it there with 15 min to spare. Phiuh..

ride and ride and ride up

Back at the apartment, we tried to get ready for the first climb tomorrow. Aiguille du tour is our objective, and if it's a success, that will be our first climb at the alps this season.

PS : Our french washing machine is against me!!! it's one of those combine washer and dryer thing and i had no idea how to use those.. and having everything written in french doesn't help!



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