last hike in chamonix ( the second time around )

4 days left to this trip and tomorrow we're off to Grindelwald. We both feel very sad. :(

After the trail run 2 days ago, i managed to squeeze in a hike at Grand Balcon Sud . Which i was pretty happy coz that means i did both Nord and Sud . I personally think that Grand Balcon Nord is prettier than Sud thou ( although i like the fact that Sud has less people ). But then again, when i started to hike GBS, it was already 4.45 pm, most people were coming down at that time  . The cloud was forming and i thought it would rain. Got me a bit worried there. I wasn't sure if i should do it but i had all my rain gear so why not.
The trail was cool and had some interesting traverse. It took me about 1 hr to get to the bottom of Plan Praz station where i was planning to go . But i decided to head down from there and not going up to the station since i've been there the previous week. The way down was a bit confusing. Many of the trails were crossing each other. I know any one of them will go back down to the valley but I wanted to take one that will lead me closest to chamonix ( no more bus at that time). I met with a trail runner who showed me which trail to take. Gold. The trail down ended up crossing my trail run path earlier that day.
I got down around 6.30pm . It was a rush hike but still enjoyable and it was a good workout too. Sometimes i feel like i hike for the view and sometimes just for the workout. Odd i know...

The last day in Chamonix... sigh again ....

We opened and closed our time in chamonix with Grand balcon Nord hike. This time we took the train up and hiked toward plan l'aiguille station then took the train down back to chamonix due to Br's knee. The purpose of this hike was more for photos/videos taking, so we walked pretty slow, stopped a lot. I didn't mind it at all, since i just sit down and enjoy the view while brandon took his time taking pictures.

The trail was way more crowded than when we did it the first time but it's still pretty regardless. Br will have a LOT of 360 from the trail :D

Done packing and browsing to see what can we do at grindelwald.. We travelled to Grindlewald the next day. About 7 times changing train and busses ... fun...

quick note:
a. We got our pics and my blogpost about trail running got into some local website. Chamonix news WOOT!WOOT!
and photo gallery

b. Switzerland has redeemed itself. Grindlewald is way more pleasant than zermatt. 


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