En route to the alps ( Wellington-Brisbane-Abu dhabi-Geneva-chamonix)

When I stepped out from the plane in Abu Dhabi, a blast of hot air greeted me. Combination of 33 C temperature and plane engine at midnight surely woke you up . It was unexpected .
By this time I have been flying on and off for 24 hrs.. And still one more 6 hrs flight to go. This is probably the longest flight trip so far. And I'm tired, stinky, and sticky.. I'm ready to either walk around or just sleep in normal bed.

It was mostly uneventful except the fact that I forgot my laptop charger. Luckily Changi airport(Singapore ) has apple store nearby my flight gate.. Although I still had to rush running and bought a new charger within my 30 min layover..
I stopped counting how much money I'm gonna spend on this trip after that.
Needless to say, I'm sorta amazed by Abu Dhabi airport . My knowledge of Abu Dhabi in general was limited to what was in sex and the city movie . Embarrassing I know.... But the airport probably has the MOST luxury store I've ever seen, and o my ... They even open at midnight. I assumed they open for 24 hrs. Not a lot of food around like other airport. Different priorities I suppose :) Br said, they don't know what to do with their money. It sure looks like it :)

The flight from there to Geneva was empty, all of us had the row to our self, it was luxury at best. And they blasted the air con . A good way to end this long run of flights. Let's see if I will have problem with immigration in Geneva . With my luck, something bounds to happen.


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