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Orang utan , Borneo , Tanjung puting National park

Starting a trip with a 1,5 week old cold was never been in my plan.  But it did. And I secretly hoping that i would magically healed. But i didn't.  I had been planning to take my in laws to my home country for a while and i was nervous for a lot of reason. They are probably the coolest in laws you can hope for and super easy to be with. But I was not sure how their reaction to a developing country would be and i was trying my hardest to show the best and truest of indonesia to the best of my knowledge. 
The first trip i planned was Orang utan trip in Tanjung puting National Park, Borneo. Excited was an understatement . I've always wanted to see Orang utan which means Forest man in indonesian.  We flew to Pangkalan bun, a little town about 20 minutes Kumai village where we would take the boat or klotok, the only way to access this remote area.  Upon arrival, i started feeling worse and developing stomach pain. And things continued getting worse thru the night during the night  wi…

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