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Airport, Mountain and Rain

After 15 hours of flying time , I was glad to be out of the airport and finally seeing mountain . I love traveling but crowds especially at airport always got to me. I just don't do well with them. I can always find a reason to make me feel agitated in that kind of situation .
But now, i'm back in Chamonix and this place never failed to make me happy . Before the trip I found it hard to get excited with the amount of obligation and stress in life. I was training hard too so that didn't really help but now i'm super stoked to start climbing, running , and do everything outdoor!
This time around , we rented a 2 bedroom apartment right at the city center. I love it!

Unfortunately , the first day it was raining all day. But it was suppose to be an easy day anyway, so i don't mind. We were just stoked to show the area to Pat and Yvette , our friends who are joining us this trip . First in the plan was hike up to Montenvers . We did this hike on our first trip and it was…

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