Back to chamonix

our pile of crap that we had to wrangled
We started the series of trains and buses back to Chamonix.
Richard, the owner of artist apartment ( which is recommended If you come to zermatt ) dropped us at the train station. So nice of him.

So on this trip we had 2 HUGE duvel bag ( the grey ones) and 1 medium bag and 2 backpack.. so br carried 2 grey bags ( front and back .. it looks pretty funny actually, i'll take a pic of it next time ) and i have the 2 backpack front and back and the black bag. Together we looked like a couple who just got kicked out of our apartment.

Anyway, because of the public transportation we have to tak , I got the Swiss flexi pass for both of us. On the day of our travel, we have to write down the date.  I made a mistake writing the number so i crossed it and put the correct number. Who would've thought that this would give me headache later on .
On the train from visp to martigny , i gave the conductor the pass.
br's chilling at the train station
and the pass that gave me headache
He was shaking his hand and said "no no no. This train okay, no more today", stamped the pass then he left. We looked at each other and have NO clue what just happened since we had no problem on the previous train from zermatt-visp. So I chased him down the aisle to asked. He kept shaking his hand and told me " no no impossible "
He must've thought I had used my pass on the date that i had crossed. He said he could fined me $300. Blegh. Looking back he's probably being nice by not giving me a fine but the way everything played out was just not nice.

martigny station
Anyway, at martigny station I asked the ticket counter about it. The guy said everything is fine and I can still used the pass for the day. What the hell. Confusing. The rest of the day everything worked out fine with the ticket . so HA!!!

Well, happy to be back in chamonix, now can anyone tell me how can i move and live at this town? :D give me a job!

Today is a rest day, chillin, eating, and calming down my nerves ( just me, br is editing photos all day ) Hence all these photos below.. I love the day before climb when i can eat as much as i can , carb loading day! Woot!
Tomorrow we're going up to Mont blanc, we should be back in town by the 17th. That if everything's going according to plan.
view from signal forbes trail, grand balcon nord toward chamonix valley

our hotel view ( vallee blanche hotel)
photo by Brandon riza

me at the Aiguille du tour climb
this is just right before the col
photo by Brandon Riza

me at the grand balcon nord trail
photo by brandon riza


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