Flying in to Geneva and chamonix

It was 20 min before landing, and the view started to come clear.

First view of the alps

Everyone on the left side of the plan started using their phone and ipad to take pictures, then more mountain came to view.

More mountain

Then BAM!!! By this time the guy who sit on the next row moved to my side , pointing and yell " blanc!!! Pictures!!!" Oh okay, I'll take pictures than. All of us were giddy

Then he pointed again " chamonix!!! Chamonix!!

Mont Blanc and chamonix

I was so stoked to know how close the valley to the mountain... He pointed annecy and his town megeve, which apparently is a ski town nearby.

The stewardess kept announcing that we should put our electronic away. HA ! Then there is Geneva, custom was so smooth it felt weird . I met with the driver who was taking me to chamonix, he is a climber from Scotland who fall in love with chamonix and decided to move. It's cool to see the road sign on the way to chamonix :)

When I got to chamonix, I was in love. The town, the view, the language, were outstanding. I was in love.. :)

The view from our apartment

There are more to come with our adventures in chamonix . Keep an eye :)



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