trail running in chamonix

start of the trail
sign for the chalet
Br's knee is still swollen and doesn't seem to be getting better :( poor man. We're getting worried about this so we're cancelling all climbing plan. He's really bummed about this so go make him feel better (whoever read this blog) !
Anyway, one of the morning I decided to go on a short trail run around chamonix. The town has developed about 18 trails dedicated to trail runner. How awesome is that?
The website has all the maps, pdf, gps track, all kind of info.

I decided to do this one for the first one. The distance itself wasn't bad at all but i failed to remember that most of the trail here is in the mountain, hence pretty intense elevation gain and lost. But anyway, I started around 9.45am, hoping it won't be too hot ( it has been really hot in the morning here ) .

chalet floria came to view
chalet floria
Stopped by at the book store to get a small map, just in case, but in the end i didn't really needed them, there were plenty of sign ( as long as you know the name of the trail and which town are you going ).
The trail started steep, it was more fast walking for me than running on the uphill bit. Also thank god for shades. after about 1 hrs uphill , i came across chalet floria. That's one thing i love from this area. There're a lot of these cute little chalet in the middle of nowhere. And usually they have the best view on the trail. I was tempted to stop but i resisted this time.

view to the valley
view from chalet floria to mont blanc
I kept running and I realized that the uphill battle was over. phiuh! I started the switchback down to Les Nants town. The trail is interconnected with the bigger trail part of Petit balcon sud and it even connect to Grand balcon sud. So technically you can go on forever if you want to .
The trail down is a bit more rocky and required caution but no trek pole needed yet. I made it back to where i started in 1:10 hrs. For 7,7 km and 354 m / 1131.89 feet elevation gain.
 It's probably slow but meh , i'm enjoying the view :)
the downhill trail

one of those weird little
bridge in town


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