niagara fall

new stufff!!!
it's actually my first project at blur about a year ago . But they just had a grand opening at niagara fall last week! which means i can post some stuff . here we go .
so we did the pre show and main show for niagara fall , where they have giant screen and a 360 degree screen. go visit there next time you're going to new york! :D

and again . i ONLY did the animation on this clip .

this second clip was from the same project. but i think the animation still needs a lot of polishing to do . :( but i figured i'll show it to show the project. so here's the NOT so great animation . :D


Wes said…
I missed the opening by about 7 months...I drove thru the Falls on my way out to DC :)
Rini Sugianto said…
dood that's long :D let's go there again :D
Wes said…
It'd be awesome to find falls like that in the wild, but it's not nearly as cool with Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood hotel. :) There are more worthwhile places in the world. :)
fiqel said…
it's great!
Marvel Maister said…
Hi, RINI... nice arts! proud to be indonesian designer that go intl, huh? hey, anak BOGOR yak? kenalin, gw Rangga, tinggal di sentul... ehm... just wonderin, is there any vacancy in company you work in now? :) Ow, if you have a minute, check out my portfolios:

Many Thanx, Rin...
Rini Sugianto said…
figel : thanks
marvel : hey i can't open the link for some reason .
noye84 said…
setelah melihat karya ka Rini aku takjub banget halus banget,pake bahasa indonesia aja ya ^^
> o iya sebelumnya kenalin aku Nina dulu pernah tinggal di bogor skrg di depok,aku juga suka banget ma animasi 2D dan 3D,pernah belajar juga dan dulu pernah juga bikin iklan Tv pake animasi 3D bareng timku di indonesia
> o iya ngomong2 kita sama2
perempuan loh,aku juga satu2nya
perempuan di timku
cita2 ku ingin jadi animator perempuan seperti ka Rini hehehe maaf ka kepanjangan ya ^^;
Marvel Maister said…
Hey Rin, having trouble open up the URL i gave you? hey, do you have email i can reach? here's mine: /

hope we can talk about chances working together, well, obviously I'm the one who wants to work THERE, internationally, in your company, hopefully!

Ow, try copy-paste the URL in your browser, i tried and it seems there's no problem with the URL...
Rini Sugianto said…
hi , noye84
sekarang jadinya animator juga?
kalo mo ngobrol kirim email aja .
sekarang kerja di mana?

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