grindelwald and nearing the end of the trip

So leaving in 2 days now... Sigh...

Grindelwald has changed my opinion about Switzerland. Good job Grindelwald. We like this town better than zermatt.

That being said, the crowds in certain places still drove us crazy. Since we aren't climbing anymore, we tried to get as much photos ( more for Br to take 360) and visited more places.
chillin at lauberhorn summit, staring at eiger and monch
We went to Kleine Scheidegg on our first day and it was lovely . I think it was partially because when we left , it was already 12 pm on Friday. Scored!! The train up to the station was cool and had great view of the Eiger and the valley.
From there we hiked to Lauberhorn. Took our time and stopped quite a bit to take pics or to just lay down on the grass ( had to avoid cow pop here and there thou )
There weren't that many people on the hike and it was awesome to just sit on the grassy field and looked at the 3 big mountain, Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau.

They are massif! And Eiger north face looks grim.
Grindelwald church and eiger
The next day we went back to Kleine Scheidegg to go to Jungfraujoch. To our dismay, this time it was super crowded. The trip was highlighted by my stupidity, left my wallet at one of table and watched it being left behind when my train passed that restaurant. The conductor was super nice and let me jumped into the train that was going down and told the other conductor about my case so i didn't have to pay twice to go up .
All those trouble to get up to Jungfraujoch and the place was a shitshow. I only managed to stay there for 30 min before I felt like my head's about to explode. S i went down. Br already went down earlier than me. We met up back at the station and hiked up to the moraine right underneath Monch. It was cool.

The whole 4 days we spent at grindelwald area, every day we passed kleine Scheidegg one way or another. Avoiding going all the way down south and prefered the scenic longer train ride.  Today we went to Lauterbrunnen and Murren just to check out the other side of the valley. Not Sure what to do there so we just sorta walked around and had lunch.Lauterbrunnen is sorta an odd town. We probably only spent about 20 min there.  Murren is a cool town. In the middle of nowhere, no car, access by foot or gondola. It's a quiet town with impressive view. Br's quote of the day " if i was a fugitive, this is where I would run away and hide" ( not the exact word but that's my interpretation of what he said o_O )

We are leaving to Geneva tomorrow for our flight back and off to our separate ways.  Can't really say i'm thrilled at this moment. Excited to see Kali, my dog , but not excited that the trip is closing in.

Oh , it's cool that switzerland has this thing where you can drop in your baggage at the train station and get it send to wherever airport you want to go. Love that option

chillin dog in Chamonix


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