Breithorn and last day in zermatt

view from Breithorn Summit

Summited Breithorn today , 2nd summit at this trip .
It was a half day adventure high up , Breithorn summit sit at 4164 m. We took the highest cable car in the world ( apparently ) up to Klein Matterhorn, then started our climb from there.
The route was crowded ( seems to be an accuring theme here in europe ) . It's a short and easy climb that took us about 3 hrs. Half way up on the slope, my phone was beeping. A text message welcomed me to Italy. SWEET! we're crossing 2 countries in the one climb. I love that part about europe.

br at breithorn summit

From the summit we traversed the ridge that was narrow and exposed, it was a little airy, had to have full focus as you did NOT want to slip at this part, and of course my contact lens decided to slide away a little bit. I've decided right there and then that i will be getting a lasik!! Br said because of that exposed ridge, this climb counted as 2nd summit. After the traverse we descended on the other side
which had less people. .

It's our last night in Zermatt, we both excited to be back in chamonix. But I'm starting to get really nervous about Mont Blanc. The good news thou , Nina Sawicki , my friend from NZ , just summited Mont Blanc today. She completed the traverse , ascended from Italian side and descended on french side. SUPER stoke for her.

It gave me moral boost but still am nervous, The weather forecast isn't as good compare to when i saw it yesterday but still okay so far .
We'll see i guess.



fedi said…
Nice story with beautiful picture of Swiss mountain!
Rini Sugianto said…
thanks fedi :)

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