first hike in new zealand

it's been raining for almost 2 days and I got tired of waiting for it to stop . Packed up my backpack and drove out.

2pm.. Finally at the parking lot. Sat in the car for a minute... debating if I should go out or not.. It's still raining and didn't seem like it was gonna stop anytime soon . Also...
There's a helicopter that's circling around the area .
" not a good sign ..."
Put on my hardshell and started walking .. I had a vague memory of which trail I wanted to try .. No topo map. Stupid... My gps will be my savior to lead me back if I get lost.

Couldn't find the trailhead that I wanted.. Kept walking around the coast.. There's another one close to sinclair Head.... I hope.

In the corner of my eyes, I saw 4 cars heading toward me. The first one stopped and asked me where I was heading. I said Sinclair Head and maybe up the ridge from there. He said " Not a good time , they've been looking for someone who was lost 2 days ago, we are picking up the Rescue team now "
"shit.. "I thought.. He offered me a ride... I said thank you and told him that I would just walk ..

At the trailhead... Another debate.. Should i go up .. it's 2.45pm ... still raining.. and I have no food...
I looked around and thought.." i'll just go up the ridge"... It was a steep hike to the ridge.. The view was worth it . The coastal looks amazing.. Kept thinking it would've been better if it's not raining! By that time my jacket and pants were soaking wet.They did a good job keeping me dry.

I decided to keep walking.. Got to the first intersection .. Didn't recognized the track name. Tip Track.. HA .. Stay to the right.. It will lead me to the parking lot... I hope.. I figured, I can always track back .

4.15pm .. another intersection... more un-recognized track.. Went down and checked out the area a little bit. Decided to go back up and look around from there.. The valley looks dark... Maybe this is the spooky gully thta was in the map.... maybe...

It's getting dark.. Only have an hour till it's completely dark .. Found a trail that might lead to the parking lot.. but it looked like it will go around deeper away from the ocean..

Time to re-track... The rain's getting harder.. and It felt like it's getting darker fast.... Half running back.. downhil.. and UP again .. BAH.. don't want to still at the ridge when it's dark ..

5pm.. got back down to the coast... and another 30 min to my car... Tossed everything in the trunk .. and head back.. Good adventure for a day ..

Next time.. better not making the same amateur mistakes...Don't think New Zealand weather will permit that such thing.


Chan Ghee Leow said…
Gorgeous panoramics!

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