Mt.rainier from Skyline trail
It was an uphill battle in the blazing heat of Muir snowfield toward Camp Muir, our camp site for that night. Camp Muir was probably about 4600 feet up to camp muir from the trailhead at Paradise center. Both of us were feeling good..and the weather seemed to hold up. Well , let me re-phrase that.... The hike was a bit too hot for me but at least it won't be too cold high up.

Dropping the dogs at graham was hard..the place wasn't as nice as the boarding place in shasta. Kali was whining on top of her lung. Never heard her "screamed" like that before... Right away we decided that we probably will have to adjust our plan. They are part of this trip and I feel like we are leaving them behind. And having to worry while climbing this kind of mountain wasn't good at all. 
Hood in the distance
We spent the rest of the afternoon getting our head in the right mind space. There weren't much that we could do at that point. 

Whittaker bunk house was awesome. We stuffed our self with burger at their outdoor cafe. There are 2 guiding companies at the same place. Famous ones too . I kept looking over their guide area to see if I recognize anyone. There're couple teams from both companies who were getting ready to climb the same mountain.
After a good night sleep. We headed out at 7am. Got our passes then started walking up with our heavy pack. Mine was probably around 45 lb.. Way lighter compared to Br's pack . His was probably close to 60 lb. .  
approaching camp muir

There were snow all the way to the visitor center.. which actually was awesome. The hike was super pretty . 
Loving it.
300 feet below Camp Muir, we caught up with John and Dan who left the day before to acclimatized.
busy at camp muir
3 of them raced up to make sure we get spot for our tent.
Camp muir are pretty packed. Like a little tent city. Lots of people just come up here and head down or ski down.

We secured our tent site at eastern side of the area. Got our bucket to save our food from foxes who apparently been trashing people's tent searching for food. Little bugger. Saw a lot of fat marmot and pika too.

our tent spot
The best part about our tent.. was the little ditch that Br dug right in front of our tent door. So it's easier to put up our boots.

By 6pm , we were done with dinner and were getting ready to sleep so we can wake up at midnight to start climbing .


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