Driving north and Shasta

We jammed everything inside the soob. Surprisingly they were all fit in there.. Well barely..... I sit in the middle with Kali and noot. A little cramped but manageable..
9 hours and listening to John listing and memorizing all the town we passed later,  we got to Swiss holiday lodge at Mt.Shasta.  A weird little town I must say... But they sure have pretty view...

We sat on the grass and sort our gear, reviewing our glacier rescue skill and just making sure everyone is in the same page.

sorting gear
Kali and noot at the hotel

shasta from the trail
The hike to the camp was quiet and serene. It was awesome. I sit for awhile just listening to the sound of the wind.. Saw HUGE dear and lots of alpine squirrels. Did i saw it was pretty.

We started from northgate trailhead. We walked pretty slowly since we had plenty of time. 5 hrs of walking and 3000 ft elevation gain later, we set up our tent. There was only 1 other team there ( a client and guide). At one of our rest stop while waiting for John and Dan, I got stinged by bee. Gah!!! So painful. And apparently john got one too. My first time ever... no likey bee... no likey... good thing i wasn't allergic to it... O_o 
our tent view

the boys at camp
From the camp site, we can see the summit of Shasta. Looks super cool. After short rest and set up the tent,  we hiked 250 ft up to check out the area. 
It will be a cool climb. But for now.. My tummy was full with food and I'm just laying here doing nothing .. Aaaahhh. Good times .... 


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