Lombok - senaru village

We were picked up by these 2 young guys. During our 3 hours rides, we shared stories and got a little bit of knowledge about the island, Lombok. But the interesting past is Opan's story. Last year he took a 6 months english class so he could apply for a master degree in Australia. 0_o . oh but he forgot about that after getting married to his gf . Who told him that she was about to be married to another guy by her family.  Life story of the day.. 

The drive from the airport was okay. It wiggled along the water for awhile then it wiggled thru villages. I love all the rice fields wedged between crowded residential and streets . 

At Senaru village, our place for the night is our guide's homestay. It's a simple but nice and clean studio looking at Rinjani. 

It was lovely. We came by at dinner time to talk about the logistic, plan and the mountain. Mer our guide , zen,  and 2 of our porters , sanusi and awan ( means cloud) . It is part of the regulation that all hikers at least have a porter. 

Our load for these 4 days trek was quite a bit. I feel like it will be the most luxurious trekking i'd ever done. HA. 

It will be a very interesting trek. 
I'm up at 5:30 am now and getting ready to go. Will try to update whenever i can 


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