Experiencing Indonesia with a new attitude

I was born and raised at the most southern tip of an island called Sumatra.  Lampung is the name of the city, it isn't a big city but not too small either. It was perfect for my childhood. 
I have to admit that I haven't experienced Indonesia that much,  I have lots of reason for that ( mostly excuses probably). And i want to change that. This visit i feel that i want to explore more of it. Experience it with an open mind and curiosity. Well, i mean , why not? After all this is my country and I am an indonesian. 

Today is my first day here in Jakarta. After getting over my annoyance with the lack of queuing mentality and personal space ( i don't feel comfortable with a stranger shuffled their body so close to mine for no apparent reason while there are plenty other space to stand, i think that's fair right? ) , i was ready to enjoy the city. 

mom inspecting the fish at the local market
meat market
To my surprise,  my mom asked if i wanted to drive her to the local traditional market or pasar. I am always amused by the market. It is very interesting to say the least with its variety of produce and the people. But it can also be daunting ( there's a stall that sell "fresh" chicken ). 
The driving ... , let's just say i survived with couple of close calls. Anyone who had driven in asia know what i was talking about. 
tropical fruit at its best

Mom quickly walked thru the market, she knows this place very well. I think she can probably navigate it blindfolded. We picked up some fresh fish, shrimp, and house stuff. Everything is so cheap! A pound of shrimp only cost about $1,5 dollar. 

Next on the list after the market visit was an indonesian body scrub ( lulur ). I've never done it and i felt like i lost a layer of my skin afterward. 
I was escorted to a small room at the second floor of the massage place  that was wedged in a residential area. I was surprised to see there was another lady in there, butt naked on the table.  I knew right away that i was in for an interesting experience. I got ready and laid down on the table. The masseuse came back and saw that i was still wearing my underwear. Without hesitation, she took it off. HA! So a word of caution for whoever wants to get a massage here in Indonesia, keep in mind that there is very little privacy or the whole thing in the states where they try their best to keep you covered? Yeah that doesn't apply here. 
For the next hour she scrubbed the shit out of every inch of my body with coconut scrub that I had picked early on. Apparently it was Real shredded coconut that was fried without oil or sangrai . It smells sooo good! Maybe i should made my own when i get home. 
She let out a funny squeals when she saw my tan line. She would've probably passed out if she saw my skin after a climbing trip for sure. Here, the more pale your skin, the better it is, especially for female. Well i think we agreed that I failed on that . 

She massaged me for an hour after the scrubbing and finished up with pouring a jicama lotion all over my body (it was also  made from real jicama too) . 
It is fair to say that my skin had never been this smooth. I was amazed.  a mosquito would've slipped and fall if they try to bite me. 

So that is my first morning and Now on to the next adventure! 


antony said…
"a stranger shuffle their body so close to mine for no apparent reason"

be careful, maybe he/she is "copet" ahahaha

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