the road to wellington

the first part of the flight was alright. The flight wasn't full so i took up 2 seats just for me. If it wasn't because of a baby that cried for 13 hours non stop, and a cranky stewardess, it would've been a perfect flight.

I thought i would be super sad. But I think I had plenty of time to prepare for this date.
The second part of the flight... That's a different story...

I had to wait pretty long time in the custom line, because apparently they have to check hiking gear and make sure it's clean enough to enter. And I happened to bring a full luggage of hiking gear. I got hold up till while i have another flight at 10.30 am.. I ended up having to run with my 200lb luggage from international terminal to domestic terminal ( thru streets and all ) , only to know that they closed the gate already..All I can think of is that " there it goes, the adventure starts "

Wellington is pretty .. and looks like a cool town . I got a chance to walk around a little bit.
I had some take outs and sit by the harbor.  very peaceful

 skate park across from the hotel


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