little thing here and there that amused me here

in wellington..

- people jaywalk a lot ( like a lot a lot .. and they do it with great confident )
- you are a tourist if you use an umbrella ( in certain days... the rain is horizontal .. yeah.. the wind is THAT strong )
- when you see sun.. yeah that doesn't last long.. maybe for a day or two ..

- a lot of people running/ jogging/ biking.. even in the rain ..  very impressive
- For some houses up in the hill... they have elevator just for the house.. ( it's an outside elevator .. i'll see if i can snap some pictures next time )
- weta ... is HUGE here.. . they even has a street name after weta cave... impressive..

 maryln _ the housing coordinator with district 9 gun at Weta Cave... she is sooo nice and bubbly and very helpful. Love her

to be continued .....


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