quick recap

so . we both made it .
we got to barafu camp which is 15.000 feet up . the highest camp we've been so far. From that point, the view of kili is very close. We got to camp pretty early arond 12 pm and just chill. getting ready for summit night.

At 11 pm, woke up and got ready. put all our layer on ( which made us look like a michelin dude ), drank some tea and cookies ( i wish we had more food )
on the mountain we just saw lots of headlight. it's a very surreal feeling.

we got lucky with the weather. the wind died down around 10 pm, left us just had to deal with the cold.

started hiking, with slow pace, The air is harder to breath , I think it's combination of cold air and altitude. My nose already decided not to let me breath thru couple days earlier,

it's a bit tricky to move around in the line AND in the dark, we made it up kinda in the head of the line which allow us not to get stuck behind people.

it took 7 hours to get to the summit. it was very steep .. 4000 feet up in 2, 3 miles if i'm not mistaken. me and carman just moved very very slowy, trying not to be out of breath. we got to stella point just right when the sun started rising. very very very pretty and amazing view of the glacier.

but there's still 1 more hour to go to the actual higest point ( uhuru peak )
got there at 7 am . Took some photo with big smile in our face. and the we got rushed down ..

going down was hell ... can't count how many times we stumble and fall.. i was super super super hungry .....

all in all ... it was great experience.... great times.


Goro Fujita said…
That sounds amazing! Glad you both made it! You guys are awesome :)
I had to fight against a strong current here....very scary but other than that I'm having the best vacation ever! I destroyed my new camcorder though....heheh now I have to take pictures with my iphone!

Hope you have a save trip back home :) Congrats again!

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