day 2 - moshi

met up with our guides yesterday , nicholas. And did our gear check . there are some stuff that's different but i think most of the part we hit it pretty good. Some stuff that are mainly different i think that we brought a lot of layers :D ( which is good ) and ended up has to bring 3 different kind of gloves ( which we happened to bring also ) and less socks . LOL .. be ready for stinkiness...

it was quite an experience to do gear check and all .

The bird were very eager to woke me up this morning so i ended up waking up pretty early again . It turned out a great idea. we managed to see kilimanjaro for the time , somehow the clouds cleared up . THAT was my first 'holy shit , it's huge ' moment.

it IS huge.. and i think i got some good video of it. I was gonna post some pics.. but they didn't allowed usb here.... lame....
today gonna do lunch at the town with our guide and go for some forest walk . seeing some colombus monkey ..

might be the last day we can use internet.. gonna start the hike early tommorow

weeeeeeee... exciting


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