day 1 in Africa

So after a long long flight , me and carman got to moshi , the little town where we gonna be for the next 2 days before our climb.
we landed around 9 pm at dec 12th,  meet our driver from the hotel . Gathered around in one corner, waiting for the rest of the group that apparently stayed in same hotel too. we got our bag just fine. unfortunatelly one of the guy lost his bag along the way .

it was nice meeting up with other traveller who are suprisingly a lot of female. Most of them are going to climb also, some using different route , some the same.

the morning was beautiful , the birds outside decided i should wake up early , they sing so Loud ( which i don't mind ). carman still sleeping now, she got a hard time with mosquitos i think .

Not sure what we're gonna do today . maybe visit masai villages..

"jambo" from moshi


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