Resupply .. DONE!!

How much food a person can eat?
Apparently a lot. Especially when you hike for hours. 
Planning for the resupply turning to be one of the never ending task. Even after writing it down a lot.. Like this
a little obsessive
A little obsessive I know..can't help it. 
I found my self second guessing and wondering if i would forget something. 

For those who don't know.. Carrying 22 days worth of food is impossible ( unless you are incredible hulk carrying a very large backpack) . So I planned to ship my self portion of the foods along the way. 
Because we ate starting rather early, I settled with 3 resupply points : Red meadow in mammoth , vermilion valley resort by edison lake and kearsage pass by independence. 

A sample of food supply for me for 8 days ranges from dehydrated dinner ( pasta, rice or beef stroganoff ) ,  banana chips, tortilla and sausage for lunch , lots of peanut butter and hazelnut spread, some energy bars, carbo pro to stop me from bonking, GUMMY BEAR!!!, and other random things .

this is what my 8 days worth of food looks like
I won't go into detail how i come to that  conclusion that i think works the best for us. But it is safe to say that , it takes consideration of how low the water level at edison lake, extra miles that we would have to do, and how many foods we can squeeze into bear canister without turning into powder. 
so the bear can't get in to our food
All of us had sent our first resupply to res meadow. And after anxiously tracking it. The status had shown that our food had arrived!! 
first resupply, check!!
This week , everyone will have to send the rest of the resupply. 

last 2 resupplies! i hope i don't forget anything


antony said…
Gummy bear?? the fruit gum candy gummy bear??
Rini Sugianto said…
yes!! is there other kind of gummy bear?
Unknown said…
gotta have a sugar buzz :-)

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