Next adventure : John Muir trail 2015

So the running phase is somewhat replaced by hiking now. The next objective is (...drum roll...) JOHN MUIR TRAIL!!! 

6 months ago, i convinced couple of my friends to join me on the 210 miles death march from Yosemite -Whitney portal ( jk, it will be glorious hikes) . We managed to got the permit on our first try ( probably because it's so EARLY in the season and any normal person will try to do it DURING the season ) but I rather have less people on the trail and a little bit of snow than fighting for a spot during the season. Totally reasonable right??

The planning stage involved a lot of time in excel sheet. Planning the day by day routes and campsites. It was like playing puzzle. I'm pretty sure this will change on the field but it's kinda nice to have some guidance.
lost count on how many version of these i created
And FOOD! turned out to takes up a lot of my planning brain. This was due to my "smart" idea of making my own dehydrated meal. After much research and trial and lots of error. I settled with couple menus : Beef Stroganoff, chicken and rice, red curry noodle, and pasta marinara. 
homemade dehydrated meal
comparing to Mountain House

First pass of snack. Need to add more
Anyway fast forward 5 months , in 4 weeks, we are going to start this journey. The make or break in our friendships... Avoiding bear and being unplugged ( except when we have cellphone signal.. Lol ).

So if you are curious with our trip, follow our adventure here!! And to start.. Here are some random pictures from the planning stage 

7 days worth of food

first aid kit
Test Pack .Somehow managed to fit it all in my 45 bag


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