TV , interview and all other social stuff

I've been fortunate getting a lot of exposure about my work in my own country.
It gets tiring sometimes since I'm not a very social person but it's a very interesting experience. 
A station TV here invited me to be in their indonesian version of tonight show. It was cool to see and I got to met Ridwan Kamil which I admire. He was another guest star in the show in the same episode. 

The downside.. They always put a shit tons of make up on me. I looked like "ondel-ondel" which is a word for festive doll ( street festival). 

I did couple interview on the past couple days. I'm pretty sure i was just blabbering non sense to them.  But it's very nice to see how excited all the student here. How enthusiastic they are about animation .

Today is rest day.. so i decided to walk with my dad around the block .. well it's not really a rest day anymore HA! he walked so fast! we ended up walking for 5.85 miles! these are some of his neighbour who walk around the block everyday for exercise. I think that's pretty cool too .
the " green " house
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the Indonesian tonight show stage

I'm heading out to Bandung, West Java where I spent 4 years of my college time. Excited to get out of Jakarta, meeting up with old friends.
Also going to try to trail run in north bandung area.. SO EXCITED!!!


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