indo food, filmares, and other random things

fried fish
I LOVE Indo food,  just in case you don't know that . It is harder this time to go all out on eating feast. As some of you know, I'm training for my first 50 miles race next year. Me and Heather are trying this method to switch carb burning to fat burning method and also a low carb , high fat nutrition plan that goes along with that particular method. Heather explained it way better than me in her blog .

I'm trying to stick with it as much as i can and surprisingly, I can still enjoy a lot of the food here!! *happy dance .

fried AND grilled fish
I went to my first speaking duty yesterday at Filmares. It was pretty fun to meet everyone there and get to know the community. I was pretty tired after talking and being social for half a day . 

the "i'm making a statement "hous

I prefer to running on trail, where the view is better. But there isn't trail around my house so i did the same route again .. These are the "nature" along my run. And more too come! 

Oh and other thing that I'm battling aside from the heat here, is the cigarette smoke. The regulation about smoking here still isn't as strict as a lot of other countries. That makes most outdoor space smells like cigarette and sometimes i can smell it indoor too. O well

the "i need a guard but a statue will do" house
On the more gross note , on my running today, i came across 3 dead mice, 7 dead frogs, 1 dead baby frog, ( where all these frog came from??? ). I saw the same dog again.. which means the owner pretty much didn't care or even listen to what i said the day before.. another O well .

the "i'm too sexy for my own good" house
(the 2 statues on the side)
i missed a line... :(


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