the new project : "stratovolcano climbing project"

So this summer 2014, me and Br are planning to climb some of the stratovolcanoes in the Pacific Northwest. Now... when Br. brought up this idea couple months ago, I had no clue where, what mountains, or what it will takes. I just nod couple times and said "sure sure " I'm up for anything.

Now that I got a chance to settling in after the big move from New Zealand and being a chauffeur for my parent ( don't get me wrong, it was great seeing them) , I start realizing how big of a project this is.

Anyway, Mt.Rainer, Mt.Shasta, Mt.Hood, Mt.Adams, Mt.Helens, Mt.Baker, those are our objectives. It's going to be haaaarrrrrrrdddd. and that's why the training started today!



Unknown said…
I don't really realize what they all mean in term of difficulty but who cares anyways... sounds awesome!
Unknown said…

blogmu menarik
dan banyak perjalanan
di dalam-kadang hitam dan kadang putih :)


Rini Sugianto said…
:) thanks! eh apa ya yang kadang hitam kadang putih?

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