Back in California - Mt.Wilson trail, CA

sierra madre from Mt.Wilson Trail
The last 2 miles 
It's been a month since I've been back and finally, thanks to Carman, hit the trail here in California. This time we headed to Mt.Wilson. She had been to the summit via chantry flat. But we were heading up via Manzanita ridge. In the article that we read before heading up , it said 10 miles round trip.. but of course.. we found that it's 5 miles one way to the RIDGE not the summit. it's 7 miles one way to Mt.Wilson's summit. O well, off we went.
There were 5 of us in the group.. and 2 dogs, kali and kai ( they probably ended up doing about 16 miles with all the going back and forward between people). The trail wasn't hard by any means but it's loooonngggg and the first 2 miles was pretty hot! After that it was pretty nice and shaded. 
susan and kai on the trail 

I purposely left my big camera this time and only bringing this little dude sony rx-100.. Pretty cool little camera, fit in my pocket. Although I need to remind myself not to be lazy and used the automated program. HA! 
Being there,  made me think of New Zealand.. I miss the greens and the lush forest ( not so much the muddy trail, i think ). That being said, it doesn't meant that i didn't enjoy the hike. 
It's just different :D But most importantly , it was nice be with the girls again .. and made new friends. 

on the summit

picnic on the summit


Unknown said…
yay good to have you back missy :D we gotta do this all the time to make up for the lost years :)

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