night walker

Bear with me , this one will be a pretty sentimental post. So consider that you have been warned.

tent site during Aiguille du tour climb
It was 10.43 pm, kinda late but I put on my gloves and beanie anyway, I grabbed Kali's leash and walked out. It was a starry night with patches of clouds,the wind had died down and I needed the walk. Walking had been therapeutic for me and Kali is the greatest excuse to keep doing it. Night time walking isn't ideal but surely Kali will protect me, right? ( if you know her, you know i'm being sarcastic )
She looked at me confused but was happy to come along. We were going to get my bike from the office since they were cleaning up the bike storage from the unwanted bike and i didn't want my bike to get thrown away.

It's been a week since i got back , and i'm slowly getting back to the routine but i found myself having to force my mind engaged with reality and what was going on around me.
It might be the movie that I just watched about 2008 tragedy on K2. Maybe that, mixed with a talk with a good friend of mine about passion, obsession and the limit we are going to set for our self created these strings of thoughts and questions with no answers.
Aiguille du midi ridges toward the platform

I'm not a professional climber or an athlete. I'm an animator who spend most of my days in front of computer. But mountain had captivated my mind and changed its role from a recreational activities into becoming a passion and borderline obsession of mine. Our climbs in the alps won't be considered difficult climb, it's not record breaking or first ascent kind of climb. But it was a major ones for me.
I told Br that if we summited Blanc, that would be the achievement of the year for me. And it did. Even Though I can't see it until now. For a while I let my disappointment for not doing the climb perfectly clouded the fact that we did make it and We made it safely with no major hiccup. And that count for something.
Aiguille du midi ridges
My office is just around the corner and Kali was bouncing happily next to me, She was just happy to be out and about...

Climbing will always have the question of "why" and "what for" linger around its stories. And i think despite many researches, polls and articles written to explain it, no one really is able to give one solid answer to that question. I've been asked and asked myself that same question but I can't give a reason why I want to fill up my life with daily training, trips and everything that related to climbing while I missed out on a lot of social events, gathering and parties. Except that it makes me happy and something that I rather be doing.  The trip was a big journey and has gave me new experiences and memories.  And I was happy out there. Let's hope there will me more to come and I am looking forward to that.

As I walked back up the hill and settled my bike in the laundry room. I started thinking that for someone who can't really ride a bike properly . I sure made a lot of effort to get it back. And maybe as someone whose partner is an excellent bike rider, I probably should at least try to learn .

K is slowly falling asleep
while i battled my jet lag


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