geneva in half day and a 30 hrs flight back

one of many park in geneva

Br left in the morning. He had a morning flight. Holiday was over. :( there was only 30 hrs flight back to New Zealand.

My flight wasn't until 9pm that day so i had plenty of time. I decided to check out the city even thou I had no clue what i can do in Geneva.
The afternoon before when brandon was napping i took a walk to see United nation building since it was so close.
looks like someone pee there

reflection ball in old town geneva
Took a M4 line boat ride from Parc Mon-Repos to Port Noir. It was short and nice. From there I walked along the water. The side walk was buzzing. Seemed like there will be some sort of carnival. My guess was that it was for Swiss day on August 1st.
I wandered and kept walking. Geneva has lots of huge park which people seems to use beautifully. Walking their dogs, picnic, chilling, reading a book, spending time with family, or running. It was lovely. And it was nice once I was inside the park. Felt like it was away from the city.
It amazed me how they utilizes public area, there's even an area called baby beach.
Following the water got me to old city Geneva. Lots of small alley and beautiful building around St. Pierre Church.
Then I headed back toward the station since i didn't know where else to go .To the airport I was. Long ride home to my dog. :)

St.Pierre, old town 

broken chair across UN

inside st.pierre, old town geneva
st.pierre , geneva

alley in old town geneva
not sure what this is

geneva harbour

M4 boat ride to port noir
lunch at old town geneva

old town geneva

view from old town
chest game at the park

bikes at harbour
dog friendly

many parks
he's flicking something
many fountain
getting ready for swiss day
bridge to train station
notre dame
little island of the bridge
lunch spot
they sure like their watch
bridge under bridge


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