what a week!

where should i start...

first my patagonia trip was cancelled.. due to Argentina visa problem.. ( now.. don't get me started on that.. because of them , the trip that i had plan for years completely trashed )
so That was a stressful week to deal with cancellation and all..
THEN , an article about me was published in one of online news.. that news went completely viral . Since then i had multiple magazine, newspaper and also tv news.
crazy...  never thought that will ever happened..

so this is what started everything

and the rest

Here are some of them :

viva news

jakarta globe


anak nonton

well.. it has been a great experience and i'm looking forward for holiday :D


Mr. Ed said…
selamat mbak, I'm proud, karena ada lagi orang Indonesia yang bersinar di kancah Internasional, apalagi di salah satu film favorit saya ketika kecil, good luck sista !
mbak rini.. aku pengen bisa kea mbak.
Unknown said…
You're my inspiration :)

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