patagonia - planning

T - 8 days until Patagonia.  Another end of the year trip, a ritual that I've been doing the last couple years.
The last year and a half has been pretty interesting. Moving to NZ, finishing my first movie , first big injuries, first time being under the knife, being handicap for the whole year ( which was very hard ), up and down on relationship ( this one probably a usual thing). But I'm back on the right path now.

and patagonia will be he first big trip to mark all the good things ahead.

The trip is somewhat planned with room to change some plans ( i hope...). Nervous,... of course.. especially since i haven't received my argentina visa yet ( don't even get me started on this issues.. pretty upset at this point )

Did my test pack tonight, It should be manageable, probably around 12-15kg.
Food... I might go a bit overboard with this thing..
Spanish... uhmm.. yeah .. not really..


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