This time i didn't go too far north 

I knew where I was going.. but I didn't know what I was gonna find.. 
30 minutes from Levin ...
7km To West ..checked in at himutangi holiday park . 
No one's around.. and the place is super clean … 
i left my car there and started walking to the beach .. 
huge one … 
it's sunny but windy .. 
i ate my ice cream.. 
then I laid down and rest… 


sun didn't set out till 9pm .. 
And I had couple hours to kill …. so I sit outside … reading Annapurna again.. 

I didn't hear other voices.. other than the voice of the ocean .. 
It was nice 

it's 10 pm .. i'm sitting here .. in a small room with 2 twin beds.. 
bundled in my sleeping bag.. watching chick flicks with puffy eyes.. 

why ? 
because I'm a girl … and once in a while .. i like to act like one. 

I drank the wine straight out of the bottle.. can't find cup or glass… 
it was the tiniest wine bottle I found but I still can finished it.. 
At this point of my life.. I should just accept the face that I AM not a drinker 

Tomorrow will be the last time I can visit Kali.. until I'm picking her up on Jan 2nd.. 
Hang on there.. this will be over soon 


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