Mt. Kapakapanui 1100 m_North Island

I was hiking for 8 hours with a wet boot and socks..
Didn't expect there're gonna be so many river to crossed
Note to self : gaiter didn't work for river crossing..
Logic of course.. If only my brain was functioning a little better. 
Also tried to take off the shoes to cross.. although i know it wasn't a good idea..
Then after the third river.. I said fuck it.. just crossed it with my shoes on.

The weather turned out to be great.. Only a little bit of wind but it was sunny thru out.. No rain for once.
The trees just got more dense the higher we went up.


 Keep thinking... so green... and damp..
But pretty .. and quiet.. didn't see many people hike out this area.
After 4 hours.. finally got to the hut.. It was more of a small shack.. with couple wood bunk beds.. but good enough for shelter I guess...
Ate an energy bar and kept going.. Just wanted to get to the summit and see the view from there.
Another hour to the summit through some very very muddy section ...
It only has one purpose.. sucking your shoes deeper.. hold it tight and tried to get it off your feet.. 
Each step was a puzzle.. tried to figure out which part that wasn't deep .
View from the summit was pretty.. Kapiti island on one side and deep into Tararua National Park on the other side..

 The going down was excruciating.. It was 1000 m (3200 feet ) in less than 3,5 miles..
Land of the giant ...... there are steps to make the decent easier.. but the drop was meant for a 6 feet person ...

This time I was glad to cross the river with my boots... cleaned off the mud.. and cool off my feet.
Got to the car .. and off to have a good dinner. One more new place in the book .. and plenty more to go .


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