people waiting in traffic light

another observation..

when people waiting in traffic light..
and they're about to start walking.. there's like a little bump.. they're like pulling their self back and start walking..
like saying " ok i'm walking now.." or
" gotta go fast,,.. gotta go fast.. before it start turning red again "

i'm still looking if it's a general behaviour.. or it's only in the city


blabla said…
Another interesting observation! But I think this is more complex than the cigarette thing.

I think it's dependend on the age and the personalities of each person. Children often run when the the light turns green and waiting for their mom on the other side of the street. Young "cool" people will be waiting relaxed and start walking relaxed even if the light tunrs red. Older people will probably do the thing you described.
But I think it's also dependent on the country you live in. In Italy or Spain the people rarely hesitate crossing the street when the light is red. In Korea it is exaclty like in your description cause the car drivers are very aggressive and you just want to reach the other side of the street savely. Well here in Germany....don't know...I think it's pretty much mixed. But I'll keep an eye on it.
Rini Sugianto said…
oh wow.. you have a better observation.. thank you for sharing..
Young said…
lol Korea....
well i guess u are right but that happens mostly just in the Seoul, not in other providence.
good observation tho. ;)

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