i realized
that when people trying to light a cigarette while they're walkin..
they have to stop at some point.. then continue walking..

nice eh
.. kinda of the same pose too


blabla said…
Oh yeah they do ^^!
I'm non smoker but my friends smoke and how often I saw this situation...I can see that right in front of me. My buddy is walking beside me, then he pulls out the lighter with his right hand, walking slower meanwhile he lifts his left hand to cover the fire from the wind, noticing that he has to stop walking, watching carefully the tip of the cigarette until the cigarette turns on. And I'm waiting two steps further turned around about 90 degrees. ^^
Rini Sugianto said…
excatly.. that's what i saw from the bus...
they do exactly the same thing..
doesn't matter it's a female or male..

interesting on how we realize the simplest lil things such as this eh?

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