Airport, Mountain and Rain

After 15 hours of flying time , I was glad to be out of the airport and finally seeing mountain . I love traveling but crowds especially at airport always got to me. I just don't do well with them. I can always find a reason to make me feel agitated in that kind of situation .
Mont Blanc from Grand Balcon Nord
But now, i'm back in Chamonix and this place never failed to make me happy . Before the trip I found it hard to get excited with the amount of obligation and stress in life. I was training hard too so that didn't really help but now i'm super stoked to start climbing, running , and do everything outdoor!
This time around , we rented a 2 bedroom apartment right at the city center. I love it!

Signal Forbes
Unfortunately , the first day it was raining all day. But it was suppose to be an easy day anyway, so i don't mind. We were just stoked to show the area to Pat and Yvette , our friends who are joining us this trip . First in the plan was hike up to Montenvers . We did this hike on our first trip and it was pleasant and gorgeous. When the rain stopped for a bit, we got our gear and head out .

We soon figure out that the rain won't completely stop anytime soon . It's going to a wet hike.

Last time on the hike, we stopped at Le Caillet for juice. So this time , we stopped there again , and it still pleasant. HA!

Chamonix Valley
We got to Montenvers in no time but all the mountain was not visible and covered by clouds and fog. After a short break , we continued hiking toward Signal Forbes. The weather got better as it mostly stopped raining and We can see some part of the mountain and blue skies.

Grand Balcon nord is as pretty as I remembered. And It was great to be back.
That night we prepared for our next day climb. At 7 am, we all woke up and it was still raining. BAH! I was checking the lift condition and they weren't opened yet due to rain . And once it was opened , it said no visibility on Aiguille du Midi and the Panoramic du Mont Blanc was not open for the day. So our plan is not working for the day . I was bummed but not much i can do really . So hopefully , tomorrow the rain finally stop . Finger cross!

Le Grepon From Grand Balcon Nord

Pat and Yvette on the way to Signal Forbes
Les Dru and Mer Des Glace 


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