Mount Sutro run, through lots of spider web, dodging a coyote and poison oak. Still Worth it!

start of the trail
San francisco continued to surprise me. 
Even thou I lived in San Francisco for couple years during my college time. I can't stop feeling that I barely scratch the surface..

In related to trail running.. this city only amplify my curiosity to the sport.

sunrise was awesome
I stayed in Ashbury Height area  ( all this time I thought there's only Haight asbury, and if i'm wrong.. blame google map!! )

I wanted to go for a run after a weekend of food fest with my family. I browsed Strava and found a LOT of activities in that area. Not surprised really .
7 am.. I walked out the door and expected to run across some parks.. I set a 8 miles route.
Then the hill hits.. within 10 min , i started walking. Once i stepped to the trail.. It surprised me how dense the trees were..

looking back to the city
It's pretty obvious that the entrance that i took is rarely used by the amount of spider web that i run thru.
The main trail was nice.. very well maintained.
I'm aiming for the summit now.. After couple wrong turn , i found it.. the no sign summit.
I decided then that i won't make it to my 8 miles run due to my speed.

One of the thing i like about trail running is the unexpected thing and feeling. I tuned in to the sound of the trees and falling leaves... small sound of tiny animal moving around dry leaves..
Then i heard a "THUMP" .. i saw a coyote passing the trail stopping my run..
It disappeared in the bushes which made me a little uneasy not being able to see where it went.
getting closer to the summit
My eyes searched for it and i grabbed a good size of branch .. I started running again after confirming with Br that it would be safe for me to continue..

I didn't see it again ...

The trail is nice.. but I saw a lot of poison oak sign.. which made me very cautious in a more dense area. The last thing i want is to show up to work all itchy and red.

Out of the trail.. i found a small hill with an amazing view.. It's empty..
I  love it.

360 view of sf

little secret hill with awesome view

gg bridge in the distance

gotta take the pano
kids will love this view too .
mt.sutro park



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