Whitney, Bryan Adams and my rad pad

Why Bryan Adams? I'll get to that in a second but before that... Let's just say me and br are heading back to Whitney again this weekend. I have to say thou this whole Whitney permit is getting ridicolous . Understandable but ridicolous .. So here I am.. At 11am on Friday , driving early to Whitney ranger station in a hunt for left over walk in permit.. While Br will leave later after work. 1 person per car. Yeah... That's a dedication .. 

If you ever drive thru 395 along Sierra.. You will realized how beautiful the scenery is.. You will also realize that the radio station sucks. Here's where Bryan Adams came to play. My choices are between a bunch of religious radio station that apparently take over almost every frequency available at FM radio here. Or Bryan Adams 'a "everytging I do , I do it for you" 
I went for the later. Rocking it too. I was transported back to highschool. HA!! 

The moment didn't last long and I ended up turning of my radio.. Well the good news , we got the permit and will be heading up mountaineer's route tomorrow. 

As I am writing this. I'm laying comfortably inside my car. Waiting for Br to arrive and start our 2am start. Oufftthh.. 


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