San Francisco to mammoth via Sonora pass

I've been visiting mammoth often for the past couple years but i haven't driven there from San Francisco. 
This time , Br and me were meeting up there with the plan to climb Crystal Crag. 
Which we ended up not doing it. This was probably our 3rd try. All the previous attempt didn't even get us to the trailhead.. the reason??? 

well it was varied.. but this time.. we were so drained out after months of moving-settling -adjusting and all other boring stuff, we needed to sleep in. OH and also because the road to get to the trailhead was still close but that was just an excuse. LOL 

I managed to get my self a workout by running around Convict lake, which also super awesome. But I'll write about that in the next post. 
i needed a workout so me and Kali run around Convict Lake 
to my surprise, what i thought was a cliff the other night.. appeared to be a BIG ski field.. 

anyway .. on the way there from SF, I drove my beloved prius ( it was an awesome car!! ) pass Sonora pass.. 
Oh my, how my mind was blown away with the drive.. it was pretty ( even in the dark) and very fun .. 
highly recommended..

In fact.. next week . .we're giving Crystal crag our 4th attempt.. , if this time we can get our lazy butt to the trailhead... this climb is on!!!

i was wishing i had a go pro to capture this whole part

empty road.. on the weekend.. oh what a rare sight


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