YTYY hut ( waitewaewae hut ) in Tararua Forest Park

Jenna and the crew were kind enough to let me crash their party. Late minutes scrambled gathering my gear and checking if dog is allowed at the track.. and off we went .
 "Let's hope otaki fork redeem its self this time " that was the theme of of this trip, since we all had some sort of bad experience from different track that starts at this place. Nonetheless we were all excited.
After re-packing and gearing up for the muddy track , we started walking .
old engine on the track 
The track is pretty .. and muddy.. and slippery .. of course. But it's interesting, with the remnants of train rail and old engine in the middle of no where. Oh and mossy looking gateway, that if you look closely , it sorta looked like 2 trolls.

anyway.. after lots of stream crossing and 5 hours later, we arrived at the hut, safe and sound.. I even managed to keep my feet dry. Scored!!
There were already 6 people there from a tramping club. We sorta picked a not so good vibe from them , like we were crashing their party, .. uninvited. But we tried to do our own thing anyway.. Most of us were in a good mood :)

if you look closely , these are 2 trolls guarding the forest :D
We chatted away, cooked our dinner, Jenna made mulled wine which is delicious. It was a feast..
then things went south from there ( well not that bad actually , let's just say it was eventful ) .. there were some friction with the other group about the fire.. (remember the not so good vibe and attitude in the beginning? i think that leads to this ) ... then a couple in our group got some sort of food poisoning.. poor them. :( ..
the next morning , it was pouring rain but warm enough. We walked out to the car in 4 hours and ended this trip with a talk about another trip .

All in all , it was a very eventful trip with a joyful group of people who i would go tramping again in a heartbeat.

yay for being outdoor.


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