Summary from Indo trip's lecture

It was a great experience to be there and did the lecture.I'm surprised with how enthusiastic everyone . Most of the audience are students . Couple things that stands out from the trip's lecture.
- I always had to start by explaining that I'm an Animator and what that means. In Indonesia , apparently Animator sometimes considered as a person who does EVERYTHING ...
- "How much is your salary " is the most common question i get and the hardest one to answer..
- LOVE all the gift from IKJ students
- I would love to do some workshop back home that's focus on animation one day. I think it'll be fun to share what i learned

I  compiled my shots from tintin for these lectures and also the new reel

Tintin Reel - rough selection

Reel 2012


Mantri Animasi said…
Yeah... knowledge about animation world still not undestanding yet by common peoples here. The news from media not too acurate. And many factors why animation is hard to being industry here. Must involving Goverment, media, Artist, etc. That's homework for us, don't worry be happy :D
Btw, your animation job is great :) thanx!
Rini Sugianto said…
slow proses :D

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