red rock attempt no#2

11.20am - car park. 

This time i was sorta more ready than before ( map dowloaded in my gps).. and having Kali with me definitely add to my confidence.We were doing it in reverse this time .. that's the plan at least.. couple hundred feet from the trailhead - turned sharp to the right and started climbing up .. It brought me back to my climb in kaikoura..  it was a steep slope with loose scree... but this time.. there  aren't that many plants to hold on to . and I only have one knee that's fully functioning. 
After couple minutes.. the gully got smaller and had bigger rocks.. It brought uneasy feeling .. those rocks come from somewhere and most likely it's from above... and the tight gully means not much place to run... 
I looked at my gps and this part of the track shouldn't last long.. ( it was called " elevator shaft "...  ) . Kept going for another half an hour and reached the ridge.. ONE DOWN!! The track has a lot more vegetation now.. but not the pleasant one . ---> SHARP!! 
At some point the trail dissapeared.. and these sharp plants are covering it. Maybe it won't be for too long ... WRONG! It just kept going and can't see the trail anymore.. I had to carry kali coz it would've been to painful for her to walk thru this.. and I kept saying " aw.. aw.. aw... aw.. dammit! "
Me and Kali had a moment here.  I put her down in a somewhat empty area.. and we looked at each other.. " let's get the fuck out of here"  OH this part of trail called cliff edge effect  .. go figure... 

We made our way down again.. Even though that's not the ideal choice considering my knee.. But I rather go thru that than being poke by sharp plants for god knows how long. Kali charged ahead.. where at some part i had to slide on my butt.. to avoid getting more injured that i already am . Down at the coast.. flat ground.. phew!! Kali had fun with the clear sea water and jumped right in . 
Decided to kept walking toward where I started on my first trial . I figured.. we can at least get up the ridge.. 
Over there this one lady told us that we could just take tip track that will come out on Happy valley road and walk to the car park.. It'll be somewhat a loop.. 
Looked at my watch and hmmm.. sounds good.. Here we go .. 

we walked along the ridge.. pretty view.. not too bad of a wind.. and 2 hours later.. we were back at the happy valley road.. To  my surprise.. the carpark actually couple km away.. sigh.. 
Got back at 4pm .. drove back home for some chill time .. And as I wrote this.. Kali was sleeping next to me peacefully .. 


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