thank you for the wishes and interesting day

The plan was to passed today with no event ..
.. not happening..

first my flight got delayed.. which i didn't mind actually .. wireless and internet was my good friend.
And it was snowing hard in beijing.. so the trip to great wall was cancelled since all the highway was blocked..
Settled with Tiananmen Square ..

The bus dropped me in the corner of the old Railway Station that turned into a shop. I walked inside the square.. passed security.. and walked ahead of the group, just in case if i took longer to take some pics.. It was still snowing hard and started to get dark so I headed back  early to the bus..

Passed the crosswalk.. and NO bus... bad sign... looked back.. no one.. and the security started to locked the gate to the square... apparently the bus had moved.. and no one bothered to tell me ..
i waited 45 min or so .. on the street .. under snow shower.. till they got back to me ...

To close the day .. i met with 2 of my old friend from San Francisco.. in Beijing.. ( similar thing happened last year in nepal )
It was good to see familar face.. and catched up .. saw some weird food... but has no guts to try .. ate the famous peking duck .. back to editing photos and packing.. ready to go back to a warmer weather where i don't have to look like michelin dude..


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