point Mugu Scenic trail

7.30 am ...
i got a text msg . A wake up call..
8.40 am
finally woke up and got ready .
It was an hour ride from marina del rey topoint mugu.

Sleeping in the car was a good decision since i wasn't driving . :D

It was pretty crowded in the trailhead. No Idea why. By 11.00 am , off we went . I didn't have much in my pack. just 4 bottle of water for added weight and a fleece.
We took scenic trail . It was a pretty good trail . Maybe i'll try to run it next time.
After 30 min of walking, .. and the last hundreds feet of small and run down trail.. it finally disappeared. So we just decided to went back down . It was getting hot anyway.

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Not a bad workout. but I think i could've went a little further .

PCH...view from the trail ( iphone photos .. too lazy to bring a camera )


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