2008 Trip _Hongkong-Nepal-Yogya-Bali

There're so many things to tell and so many pictures to show.. i'm choosing the best and what reflex my trip so far.

Jan 3th - Jan 5th

leaving from LAX ... everything was ready for the trip .. i've been researching about this trip for awhile.. places to go .. food.. places to stay ... and I'm just ready to go .

after 15 hours in the plane.. and surprisingly got kicked out of Hanoi because of passport problem..They sent me back with the same flight back to Hongkong airport.. Left me pretty much no clue what I was gonna do next.

We finally decided to stay in Hongkong for that night and with help from Lonely planet guide book, Me and my friend found a little hostel for $25 a night in Causeway bay area ( wan chai) behind sogo.
we took a 40 minutes bus to the area and asked a lot of people before we finally found our hostel ..

In the morning , we walked around the area.. found some breakfast place... watching lots of people doing tai chi at victoria park .. and finally back to our first mission .. ticket to another country .

Jan 6th ..

Using Swire travel , we found ticket to go to nepal at the same day ..
I ran around for 2 hours ..getting photos for my visa.. packing..

we took bus again back to the airport.. it's 2 stories bus.. we Sat upstair.. eating our lunch while watching the street of Hongkong that seems to be always busy ..


I Gede said…
like I said yesterday... still life ente udah paten ;)
myung said…
these photos are awesome rini!

cool depth of focus and colors
Rini Sugianto said…
thanks mark!! how are you doing?
Rini Sugianto said…
dood!! i thought u're mark chun.. lol untill i went to ur blog.. what's up myung :d

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