Bishop pass/agassiz/east of chocolate peak

Couple photos from last weekend trip to bishop pass/ agassiz

The second lake we saw in the trail and took a lunch break , Long lake,we ended up taking quite a long break waiting for our friend that took a wrong trail :P

that's a marmot!!!! (<--- first time saw a marmot )

Mount Agassiz before the switchback to Bishop Pass

View from bishop Pass to where we were, the closest lake is bishop lake then spearhead lake and long lake is the furthest ones

closer look of the lakes from bishop pass. 5,5 miles from the trailhead at south lake .

Mount Agassiz from Bishop Pass

my tent!

This is where we camp , Dusy Basin at Sunrise , with my tent in it of course.

Dusy Basin couple minutes after and another trial to capture the sunrise

That's how far we went up and decided to turn back

View from where me and wes were at agassiz when we decided to go down ,the small lake was where the base are and the lake further out was bishop lake and spearhead lake.

since our mission to climb agassiz failed. We decided to take another route back , east of chocolate peak . This is ruwau lake where Wes swam .. imagine how cold that is.. and he swam to the little island in this lake.

We couldn't find the trail to get back to long Lake, we know we 're gonna pass Chocolake Lake, just didn't know where the trail is. :D

fun experience on scrambling trying to find a trail .

All and all . It was a very fun experience :)


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