warhammer cinematic

finally it's online,

my first lead gig. ( so excited ) me and Brian Whitmire shared the position .
will post my shots soon

on this cinematic i lead 2 scene which are the part starting where the dwarf shooting the orc thru where the fire guy being stabbed by marauder (guy with the mask).
and the second scene starts where the soldier warrior's leg getting frozen all the way thru the end of cinematic


TJ Phan said…
Very cool! Congrats Rini. The cinematic's sweet.
Rini Sugianto said…
ooh tj .. remember my post about how to create sexy pose? it's for this project LOL
TJ Phan said…
oh yeah! haha! angelina j. as a magical ass-kickin' elf with a +5 ice staff.

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