posing a sexy look

this week I've been trying to animate a sexy badass girl.. It's actually harder than i thought. from these couple reference ( of course from jolie coz she's freakin hot) .I found out something thou .

if you look at her eyes... most of them she tilt her head down and have the eyes looking up till u can see a little bit of the white part of her eyes under her pupil.
I think it's pretty cool . coz i tend to adjust upper and lower lids so we don't see as much of a white part. but i guess to be sexy.. you sometimes have to strain ur eyes looking up .

anyway.. anybody has more ref? i've been lookin at sin city and couple noir movie too.


TJ Phan said…
thanks for the post!


look forward to seeing the anims down the line.
I Gede said…
Jasmine from Aladdin :P

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