2nd week.. weight lifting

so this class is a reallyy hard class.. gotta admit that..
but it's a really good class too
here's the note..
a bit more messy than usual..


Young said…
been waiting ~
don't forget!!
I'm watching ur lil note >_<

thx rini.
Rini Sugianto said…
sorry been really busy lately ..
do you understand thou?
Young said…
um... ya... i mean sort of.

think i will do one more weight exercise and this note already helped me with some nice tips on fingers and arm direction for the weight exercise. hehe
for the things that i did not quiet understand, I will probably keep bugging u guys through the msn
to get some critiques.

thx rini. good day to u :)
Neha said…
hey rini,

good notes- really helped me since iam duin that junmp and finishing teh box lift too...

Neha said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kudhatama said…
greeeaaat notes....
i saved all of it....

keep postin..

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